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The Stampede
 Official news, giveaways and offers from the Houston Texans.
*Delivered once a week in-season & twice a month in the off-season
Texans Care e-Newsletter
Highlights the Houston Texans Foundation, player involvement in our community, fundraising events and ways you can be involved with the Texans and your community. 
*Delivered around 4 times a year.

Youth Football e-Newsletter
A communication tool designed to keep youth coaches and parents informed about the exciting new developments taking place in the world of youth football. It will also highlight and promote opportunities for involvement with Houston Texans youth football events, programs and initiatives.
*Delivered 4 times a year
Events, Interest Groups, and Special Offers:
Cheerleader Information
Learn about squad tryout dates, squad announcements, launch of the swimsuit calendar, and programs like Junior Cheerleaders and Cheerleader All-Stars!
*Delivered 5-6 times a year as cheerleader events and initiatives are announced
NRG Stadium Events
Be informed of other games hosted at NRG Stadium throughout the year. 
*Delivered infrequently
Youth Initiatives

Stay up to date with everything the Texans are doing for and with youth in the Houston area, including Youth Football Camps, school contests, Heads Up Football events, NFL Play 60 grant opportunities and more.
*Delivered 5-6 times a year as youth events and initiatives are announced.

College Football Game Ticket Offers & Newsletter

Ticket offers would include AdvoCare Texas Bowl, AdvoCare Texas Kickoff, Battle of the Piney Woods.
Newsletter contains game highlights, upcoming game insights and bowl game team projections.

*Newsletter delivered once a week in-season, ticket offers are delivered on a per game basis, up to 4 a year


Exclusive Texans Events

Keep informed about all the Texans events such as Running of the Bulls, Draft Party, Training Camp, Taste of the Texans, Team Luncheon, and so much more.
*Delivered as events are announced, 6-10 times a year.

Texans Special Offers
*Newsletter delivered once a week in-season, ticket offers are delivered on a per game basis, up to 4 - 6 a year.
Offers from Texans Corporate Partners
Be informed of any special offers or promotions that Houston Texans Corporate Partners have to offer fans.  May include offers for hotels, party rentals, food, beverages, cars etc.
*Delivered infrequently, only when a partner has a new offer