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TORO Takes the Bull Out of Bullying
TORO Takes the BULL Out of Bullying presented by NOV is an educational assembly to teach all elementary students how to recognize different types of bullying and prevent bullying from happening at their school. 
Get Fit with TORO

Get Fit with TORO presented by Texas Children Hospital is designed to be taught to individual grades. Get ready for TORO to take over your gym class for a 45 minute interactive assembly teaching the importance of fitness and nutrition. The presentation emphasizes full body health through building muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health and proper nutrition.
Students will experience fun activities throughout the gymnasium that will keep them engaged and moving! TORO will leave behind an activity book and a prize for each student.

TORO Shoots for the STAAR
TORO Shoots for the STAAR presented by First Community Credit Union is an educational assembly to teach 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students how to prepare their bodies and minds for the STAAR test through proper nutrition, daily exercise, attentive listening, developing consistent study habits and practicing their STAAR strategies
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*During the football season, TORO is only available on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Completion of this form is a nomination to receive a program and does not guarantee an appearance from TORO.

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